Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to My New Blog

I found that my other two blogs (Digital Sojourns and Bella Fiore) were not letting me talk a whole lot about art since that wasn't their focus, so I decided to create a new blog devoted to that purpose. It is weird to say I am a part-time artist since I experience and see the world through an artist's eyes full-time. I always seem to be composing pictures and seeing art in everyday light and shadows. If my eye could paint the picture or photograph the shot... In fact I think I spend so much time in these sorts of artistic reveries (daydreaming) that less time is actually spent making art. The point of this blog is to talk about the process of being an artist and an educator who teaches about the art making process.

Artist-educator, is a more active term than art educator. To me art educator implies that I am educating students on the subject of art, but actually as an artist-educator I am actively participating in the act of being an artist who in turn teaches about the how-to's in the field of art. I would hope to instill in my students the understanding that art making is a process and a journey that doesn't always end in masterpieces. I hope to blog about this and more. Please follow me on this new endeavor.

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