Sunday, October 17, 2010

Robert Redford Speaks Up for Art Education

I have always loved him! What great words for an artist educator to hear. The story at the end is worth listening for. Teachers can make such a difference in the lives of their students. There are so many art students whose only place that they feel safe and accepted is in the art room. We are different and a place that allows us to be different is required. I try so hard to look for the creative way to meet my students half way and to make their experiences worthwhile and maybe even life changing. What a great anecdote and message he leaves us with.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Manifesto on Creativity in Schools

ADE Creative Manifesto from Matt Cauthron on Vimeo.

I haven't written in awhile because it seems the part-time artist has had to be a full time teacher lately.  Quite honestly, lately I have been an overworked full time teacher!  12 hour days 6 days a week has finally beaten me down I must admit.  So today during my prep I spent some time trying to refill my cup a bit.  I have a lot of papers to grade, projects to look at, but today I surfed the web and looked at people who inspire me.  This can be a bit dangerous when you're feeling low.  You can sink into the realm of "gee everybody else is so much better than me, look what they have all accomplished with their students."  But really if you fight that urge the goal is to allow yourself to be re-inspired and amazed.

One of the teachers who I greatly admire is Matt Cauthron.  I have never met Matt in person, but I have met via the  that I participate in.  I have learned so much through the posts that Matt shares, the comments he makes and visiting the various websites he keeps that house his students' work.  It is my guess that Matt must work 24/7 on his teaching job!  The accomplishments of his students and the level of quality is astonishing.  I also wonder when he finds the time to learn all he's learned and to continue expanding and growing.  I believe Matt earned the Apple Distinguished Educator distinction last year and the above manifesto was created during his summer workshop.  Check out some of the projects that Matt shared recently in Tweets on Twitter.  and and   Thanks Matt for helping me become re-inspired today.